Dilmit grew up in India. As a young girl, she dabbled in both watercolors and oils but never had the opportunity for formal training in drawing or painting. Rather, her love of the arts and humanities resulted in a rewarding career in education. Composition, both in art and writing, challenges her as she deliberates the use of medium, tone and texture that best represent the “feeling” of a piece. Dilmit is primarily self-taught and admires the work of many local and contemporary artists. She attributes her inspiration to the impressionists, particularly Monet and Sargeant.


As a keen observer of nature and human behavior, Dilmit loves to interpret the world around her in various themes, subjects and colors. She is inspired by the complexities of the natural world and loves learning from other countries and cultures. Her peripatetic spirit has taken her on many adventures and with the new foray into art, she does not leave home without a sketchbook.

Because of her passion for arts education, Dilmit teaches weekly watercolor painting classes to school-aged children. She is currently a member of the Verdugo Hills Art Association (VHAA) and the Mid Valley Arts League (MVAL). 



June 2019 - VHAA Artist of the Year Exhibit, Montrose, CA

June 2021 - Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, CA