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Watercolor Workshop

Artists learn from other artists and eventually infuse their own flavor into their artwork. Classical fine art painters and contemporary artists both inform and inspire our practice, and sometimes, art maxims become universally accepted truths. I never tire of hearing that watercolor paints itself and never tire of repeating the same to others. I remind myself of the properties of watercolor as I lay down the first washes in any new composition. Watercolor’s versatility gives me an opportunity to manipulate its properties and take creative risks. 


In my class, I will guide other artists to experiment with the many facets of water media and the ability of transparent and opaque colors to interact with other mediums. Along with demonstrations involving different techniques, individual practice and critiques of student work will help us improve and challenge ourselves further. 


Pushing the limits of watercolor is both interesting and intriguing.

Interested in a workshop? Dilmit is currently teaching classes at the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre, CA.

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