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Smoke and Mirrors

Depicting abstract concepts through images is not a novel idea, and images tell stories. After having painted realistic pictures in both watercolor and oils and focusing on capturing the essence of a particular scene or an object, I’m finding manipulating abstract shapes to concretize ideas, a worthy challenge. The twenty-first century explosion of information and news has created a world that digitally manipulates our thoughts and ideas. This conundrum of where to look, what to focus on and who to trust is the inspiration for the watercolor piece, Smoke and Mirrors. It is my representation of an artfully deceptive world.

I used a dual color palette of blue and brown to depict smoke and mirrors. The integrated rectangular shapes with changes in tonal value allowed me to highlight the contrast between transparent and obscure knowledge. And now it is for the viewers to decide where the images take them.

Abstract works of art allow the artist to embody concepts that have universal appeal because shapes and colors can make a home in any appropriate space.

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