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As Far As The Eye Can See

Emerson wrote, “The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon. We are never tired, so long as we can see far enough.” Swaddled by nature in the sanctuary of my yard, I find my horizon and am never tired because resolute stillness necessitates mindfulness. 

I spend my mornings on the patio under the red umbrella, sipping from my red coffee cup with a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Blissful and calm; in the present moment, ruminative, meditative and introspective. I feel the dew on my face, glide my eyes over the green grass and attune my ears to the ornithological calls. The tropical shrubbery along with the stately oaks and sycamores, a staple of the California Mediterranean climate, invite all kinds of critters and creatures. From the tiny ladybug somersaulting on the dwarf spikes, to squirrels collecting falling acorns, to the cacophony of the squawking red crowned parrots that have made the backyards of the foothills their habitat, there is no dearth of stories being shared at dawn. Sure, some tales are more profound since my eyes and mind engage with certain shenanigans while precluding others. Just yesterday, I was fascinated by the scrub jay and a family of parrots playing a game of catch me if you can. A long five minutes of nimble precision by the aggressive scrub as green feathers flapped and red crowns bobbed! Intriguing drama.

Although an action-oriented mindset served me well over the course of my career, I now find myself drifting as my present reality sanctions me to luxuriate in time. A dear friend reminded me, time creates the space to stop and appreciate the simple beauty around me. With the present cache of stay-at-home hours, I hope we are energized to think, observe and continue our quest for innovative ventures.

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