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The haunting images circulated in the media of caravans of migrants displaced by the pandemic became a de facto deep seated metaphor for the world that we are currently inhabiting. A few months ago, the universe turned on its head within hours of the declaration that we were facing a potentially deadly virus.  Nations, countries, cities and towns  came to a screeching halt – some more abruptly than others. The impact of the sudden shutdown was felt as a sharp jolt- a high magnitude earthquake that traumatized rather than rolled with undulating motion.

As one who views much of life through an artist’s lens, the images left an impression - an impression expressed in a face from nowhere and everywhere, belonging to no one and everyone, and saying nothing yet everything; sharing a deep despair, an anxiety, a forlorn gaze at what is and what may be. The resultant suffering has upended our way of life and I sincerely hope that adversity can be a guiding light so we can emerge from it – a better people. Please share your thoughts.

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