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The Fishing Village

India is a complexity of immeasurable proportions and yet can be simplified in the faint outline of a humble fisherwoman striding confidently with the catch of the day. Each step records her silent, shrouded contribution to the welfare of her family and society at large. She has been given no part in the glory or satisfaction of the catch; instead she sorts, cleans, transports, trades, and brings home the profits of the brute physical labor that precedes her work. The result of her effort is clearly seen, but she is faceless. 

The painting is a simple outline in sepia ink with a bamboo pen on washi paper dyed in watercolors that reflect the yellow and orange of the setting sun. It is my tribute to all the women who quietly tell the story and carry the legacy of a country that still significantly embodies its heritage, values and rich history – good, bad and ugly. Night will descend to bring much needed rest and repose. A new morning will dawn and what happens to the fisherwoman remains to be seen.

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